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Volunteer Appreciation Week

Join us as we celebrate our volunteers and highlight the important work they do each day.

Volunteer Appreciation Week

Apr 19, 2020

“My experiences as a hospice volunteer have made me a better person than I was when I started volunteering.”

Phil’s story: What am I thankful for?

“From my volunteer experiences of one-on-one time with patients, I am thankful for the opening of the eyes, the turning of the head and sometimes even a sound of welcome from a stroke-disfigured mouth as I enter a room. And, usually following an acknowledgment of my presence, there will come a brightening of the eyes or an attempt to smile though drawn and twisted lips.

Do they perhaps remember a moment of happiness or a laugh or two that we have shared?

When I see a response to my presence in a patient’s room, that is my reward, my paycheck, the motivation that keeps me coming back. Yes, I know that I’m supposed to be giving, but my getting outweighs my giving many times over! So, what am I thankful for? My experiences as a hospice volunteer have made me a better person than I was when I started volunteering. Thank you for making me a better person.”

Volunteers make a difference

Phil’s story highlights the same sentiments that many of our volunteers share, whether they are in their 20s or their 90s. Their experiences are the same.

Volunteers perform a variety of supportive tasks for patients and families or for team members in our administrative offices. For those who visit patients wherever they call home, support may come in the form of a listening ear, respite for the caregiver, or running errands. Additionally, volunteers visit patients at our inpatient units – Hospice Home at High Point and the Randolph Hospice House – and perform a variety of administrative duties at our offices.

Your turn

Would you consider joining those who are making a difference each day? Those who are gaining valuable insights and experiences through their time as a hospice volunteer? Send us a message through our Contact Us form. We’d love to talk with you more about becoming a hospice volunteer, especially this week as we are celebrating volunteers.

Want to complete an application? Visit our Volunteer page for a link to the online application and to learn more about volunteering.