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Hospice Care Facing a serious illness is never easy.

Hospice care is for individuals who have reached the later stages of their disease.

Hospice care can be offered at:

  • One’s home,
  • A skilled nursing facility, or
  • Inpatient hospice facility.
Is hospice care right for you?
Hospice Care

Regardless of the location, we engage a team of doctors, nurses, social workers, and therapists to develop an individualized care plan best suited to the client’s needs. We provide the physical, emotional and spiritual care needed to help individuals make the most of life’s remaining moments.

At Hospice of Randolph, we are dedicated to the belief that everyone has the right to die pain-free, with dignity and with the support of loved ones.

Studies have shown that patients who receive hospice care generally live 25% longer and more comfortably than those who do not.

Hospice Care at Home

For many people, keeping patients comfortable and free of pain is best achieved at home. The ability to make the decision to receive in-home care is a gift to patients and their families. Patients of all ages, with any life-limiting illness, may benefit from in-home services to make the most of each remaining day.

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Hospice Care in Nursing Facilities

Individuals residing in skilled nursing facilities, continuing care retirement centers, or assisted living facilities are able to receive hospice care where they live, providing comfort to them and their families. Patients of all ages, with any life-limiting illness, in any of these types of homes or facilities can benefit.

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Inpatient Hospice Care

For patients needing medical supervision or more intensive services, we have two inpatient facilities that provide exceptional end-of-life care in comfortable, home-like environments. Our 18-bed Hospice Home at High Point and 16-bed Randolph Hospice House are a complement to the other services offered by Hospice of the Piedmont and Hospice of Randolph.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive hospice care?

Any person in the later stages of a serious illness is eligible when:

  • Their primary physician feels that if the disease continues in the expected course, the patient’s life expectancy is measured in months as opposed to years.
  • They want to focus on the quality of life and optimum comfort with pain and symptoms well managed.
  • They want to discontinue curative therapies which are no longer effective.

How does someone become a hospice patient?

Are you a patient, friend, or family member?

  • Making a referral to Hospice of the Piedmont or Hospice of Randolph is simple — just call us at 336-672-9300 fill out our referral form.

Are you a Healthcare Professional?

Anyone can request information about our services without obligation. Our hospice team is available to help you, or your physician determines if hospice care is the right choice. Patients may change their minds about receiving hospice care at any time. Patients and families lead the hospice team and are always included in the decision- making process–your opinions and wishes matter the most to our team.

How is hospice care paid for?

Hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance.

Thanks to the generous support of our community, no one is turned away or denied care by Hospice of Randolph or Hospice of the Piedmont because of financial resources.

Think you need hospice care?

The following questionnaire may help you decide if hospice care is the right care for you.